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I’m on a divine mission to create social change, heal and educate the wider world, provide spiritual guidance, inspire hope and healing, spread awareness, and end the culture of domestic violence, sexual assault and victim blaming that’s plaguing our society.

I am a 21st Century Medicine Woman and way shower with a passion for guiding and assisting people on their journeys of spiritual growth, personal development, traumatic stress recovery, self-love & acceptance, and wholistic healing. Recalibration Healing with Simonne is my wholistic therapy and spiritual counselling practice.

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I’m passionate about educating our communities and communicating the realities of relationship abuse & sexual violence with a view to prevention, as well as promoting safe mutually respectful relationships free from abuse in our families, homes, and communities.

In 2003 the abusive man I was in a relationship with attacked me with a samurai sword. I put up my arms to protect my head, and he succeeded in chopping my hands off. Both hands were successfully replanted in a 27.5-hour marathon miracle surgery and I spent the next decade surgically and wholistically healing them, along with my mind, body, spirit, and soul.

In November 2016, in partnership with Mary Egan Publishing, I independently published Double-edged Sword – The Simonne Butler Story, and in 2017 it was shortlisted as a finalist for the 2017 Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Non-Fiction.

My hope is that with sharing my experiences of violence and healing I will not only inspire other survivors and victims’ to come forward, speak out, and seek help, but I’ll change, and save lives.

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The Book

Double-Edged Sword - The Simonne Butler Story
Double-Edged Sword - The Simonne Butler Story

Double-edged Sword – The Simonne Butler Story

Ngaio Marsh Award Finalist 2017

Double Edged Sword is the first-hand account of the survival of one of the most notorious and brutal maimings in New Zealand History. Simonne Butler experienced years of domestic violence, which culminated in her hands being chopped off with a samurai sword. Double Edged Sword covers those years, the attack and her subsequent hospitalisations, hand replantation surgeries and recovery, as well as the trials of her attacker, Antoine Dixon.

The reader accompanies her on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and healing, which incorporates both western and alternative healing paradigms, while she was still trying to disentangle herself and keep safe from her manipulative, then imprisoned ex. It celebrates the indomitable human spirit, its resilience, optimism and the ability to achieve a joyous life beyond pain, fear, shame, violence and self-hatred.

NZ Herald author interview and book review. Nov 2016

Published in partnership with Mary Egan Publishing November 2016.

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