Are you a modern day shaman or medicine man or woman and just don’t know it yet?

Do you feel like there is something you are meant to be doing?

Do you feel like there is something else for you, but you don’t know what it is, where to start, or how to get there?

Once upon a time our magical, healing, psychic and shamanic gifts would have been recognised at birth, or even conception, and we would have been scurried away from the world to hone our gifts in secret without the tainting of society.

We would have grown up knowing our purpose and been completely supported and nourished with all of the magic and wisdom that was our birth right.

Now in the 21st century much of that has fallen by the wayside, especially in the western world.
We have no reverence. We hold nothing sacred. We do not honour our elders. Everything is taken for granted.

But we can change all that.

We just need to step up.

Answer the call deep in our soul.

Shaman tools

My healer shaman alter for the day.

Nowadays those of us that are born into this lineage of ancient wisdom don’t get taken away and shut up in ashrams, nunneries, monasteries, or sent off with the village or tribe medicine man or woman to guide our development.

Nowadays we often come in with abusive, addict, sick or troubled parents.

We come in without guidance.

We are abandoned, abused, sick and tired, or our reality is negated by others that tell us we are talking nonsense or lying about what we saw or heard, or just seem to know.

We often are older than our years and assume responsibility quickly and end up in co-dependence or abusive situations, or with drug and alcohol dependence or a history of inappropriate sexual encounters.

We are so disconnected from ourselves and from spirit that we can’t see, or we deny the truth of who we are.

We struggle. We wander aimlessly. We self- harm.

Nowadays we have to find our path ourselves.

Often we stumble upon it after we have already begun our rites of passage.

That was the case for me, but somewhere deep down I always knew.

It has always been part of me.  Is it a part of you?

Below is my drum basket.  It is to honour those that have gone before me and the connection I have with the past.

In the 21st century though these aren’t necessary to do the work.

We have a new way and that way is native New Zealand shamanic flower essences.

Ancient Shaman Tools

One of my baskets of shaman tools.

Sign 1.
You are reading this!

Awesome! You have heard the call and you are listening. Congratulations.

Buckle up, it’s going to be a wildly magical ride!

Sign 2
You have always had an interest in shamanism, spirituality, nature as medicine, the occult, power animals, totems, earth wisdom, astrology, books about Avalon, Egypt, the pyramids, gods and goddesses, or you have been drawn to shamanic cultures, e.g. American Indian, Mayan, Peruvian, Russian, Celtic, Maori, Aboriginal, Hawaiian, etc.

Native American Medicine Man communicating with the spirits.

Native American Medicine Man communicating with the spirits.

While I always had a feeling there was something more, I first understood it was my calling when I read Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel when I was 11, but I didn’t know what to do with the information, and I forgot about it until many years later.

Sign 3
You have dreams that accurately predict the future, reoccurring dreams about specific animals or places of power, or you experience an uncanny amount of deja vu or synchronicity, or seemingly psychic gifts in your everyday life.

Sign 4
As a child, you loved to be out in nature and was quite happy to be alone with plants or animals. Perhaps you felt like an outsider, a bit of a loner that never really fitted in or felt that people didn’t really understand who you truly were.

Sign 5
As a child you had a secret language with plants or animals and felt closer to them than humans, or had imaginary friends that seemed very real.

Sign 6
You have had a near death or out of body experience, or endured a trauma or illness that “should have killed you” but didn’t.

Sign 7
You have felt you were going crazy or losing your mind and just need to get away from everything and everyone. Don’t worry, we only lose the parts of our minds that are holding us back.

Bring on the breakdowns! It is a form of shamanic death. Congratulations, you are on your way.

Sign 8
You have an overwhelming desire to heal and help yourself and everyone around you. It may be though, that in the course of you taking care of others that you forget about yourself, or that others “suck the life out of you” and leave you feeling drained and apathetic.

Shamans are very sensitive and need to be trained to not take on board others crap.

Sign 9
You have had part of your physical body dismembered, and possibly reattached, but not always, or you experience dreams where your body is dismembered and then put back together again.
This is a huge shamanic sign that you are getting the call to step deeper into the mysteries of the universe. Your purpose here is huge if you accept the challenge.

Here’s a picture of my left hand after it was dismembered and replanted.

Talk about fast tracking my shamanic growth!  Arm


Ok, so where to from here?

Just hearing the call is not enough and doesn’t make you a shaman.

Once you have heard the call it is now up to you, but I shall point you in the right direction.

Here I am talking about some of my experiences at the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic Studies.

You’ll find out how to honour your calling and step up into your power and divine most authentic self.

It is ancient wisdom and the healing power of nature re contextualized for our modern day needs.

Online courses that you can do from anywhere in the world are available to you now.

There is a wonderfully supportive cyber school and community for you to take part in too.

I have completed the Rite of the Six Moons which is a super intense and profound purification process that once been through you will never be the same again.  It opens you up to your gifts and clears out debris and stagnation.

I have also completed the Certificate in Healers Studies, which is a magical transformation and self empowerment program that opens you up to the rites of passage of the healer, and gives you the tools you need to successfully and effectively be a healer in this day and age with out losing yourself or burning out.

I am currently repeating (as of April 2016) the second year of the Certificate in Shamanic Studies, which is a formal shamanic apprenticeship with Master Shamaness Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber.   It takes ancient shamanic wisdom and re contextualizes it for the modern world.  I put finishing my book first last year and didn’t feel I gave enough time or effort to my spiritual journey, so I decided to repeat year two to deepen my relationship with the teacher plants and immerse myself further in the mystery.

After that I will do the advanced course and so on and so on.

The journey of the shaman is never ending.

I am an apprentice now but one day I will be a master.

There is always more to know, more to learn, and more to re-remember.

There is so much work to be done on the planet at this time, that we can no longer do it all the way of old.  We have to step it up.

These courses are invaluable for training our new shamans and medicine men and woman of the 21st century.

Are you one?

Good luck on your journey.

Step into the mystery.

Your life and your perspective will never be the same again.

Everything I’ve written here comes from what I’ve learned from Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber over the last 9 years of being her student and her client.

She has helped me to re-remember who I am and how powerful  I am.

I’ve had the privilege of attending her classes, workshops and the annual Medicine Woman Retreat on many occasions, and they are life changing and enhancing.

I was so excited when she started the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic Studies.

I knew I could finally learn everything I had forgotten and finally fulfill my destiny.

Franchelle has created, in cooperation with the plants, Atua and spiritual protocols of this land, the most comprehensive healing and learning tool kit for the modern day healer, shaman, medicine woman or man, and indeed anyone in a wellness modality or that is interested in holistic health, personal development or spiritual growth.

It’s called First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand.

My real healing and training began when I discovered First Light, and found a new way.

The native flower essences Franchelle has created are the backbone of my counselling practice and the shamanic apprenticeship.

PS I was not paid for mentioning any of the above.

I just know they are amazing and I want to share them all with the world!

This is the medicine of the future.