I was lucky enough to go along and listen to one of Aotearoa’s great wisdom keepers on Saturday, talking about Te Wheke and the eight aspects of holistic health and wellbeing.

Thank you, Nature Play NZ and Dr Rose Pere Ao Ako Global Learning NZ LTD for such an amazing opportunity.

My deepest gratitude to Dr Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi Rose Pere and everyone who attended Saturday’s Celebration of Te Wheke.

Although not organised beforehand, on arrival I seamlessly joined the team and helped out at the registration table, meeting many of the participants.

Andrina and I setting up before the conference.

Andrina and I setting up before the conference.

It was such an honour to be there and to serve spirit in that way.

Dr Pere talked about how it is important to love ourselves to the nth degree and that we need to take care of number one and celebrate the miracle we are first and foremost.

She reminded us that we are all indigenous to Papatuanuku, our earth mother and that we must embrace the whole of humanity as one.

We are Ngati Ra. There is no separation or division. We celebrate our differences and similarities.

We resonate with what is appropriate for us. In this way, there is no negative appropriation.

Those of us that remember our past lives can look at it in a way that they weren’t past lives as such, but rather we were keepers of our spirit and our spirit is eternal.

We may have been born into many different cultures on our eternal journey, and the cultural cloak we wear now is just one of many.

Spiritually we are one with everything that exists.

We are, after all, spirits having a physical journey.

In this time in the world’s history, now when we are born with special gifts, we are not whisked away to be trained and re-remember all that we know. You can read more on that here.

If we are lucky we hear the call and we find the teachers that can guide us to re-remember everything we have forgotten.

Dr Pere, I thank you for imparting your wisdom so freely.

Connecting with Rose

Connecting with Rose


I had plans to go to a stunt riding horsemanship course held over the full moon weekend, then I saw Rose, Dr Pere, was in Auckland for a Celebration of Te Wheke, and my spirit knew I was meant to be there, but my personality didn’t want to let down the people I had my previous plans with.

Spirit gave me an opening and I ran with it.

The person I was going with was possibly going to have to work over the weekend, so I promptly cancelled my horse course and registered to see Rose.

It turned out my friend did go to the horse course after all, but I needed to be elsewhere, and I made it happen.

I am reminded to take all opportunities spirit puts in front of me.

That my spiritual journey and service to spirit is the most important aspect of my life and needs to be honoured.

By doing so I will always be at the right place at the right time.

Last year, instead of putting my studies, my spiritual path, my relationship with my teacher plants first, it came in about fourth or fifth, after finishing my book, looking after my mum with her traumatic brain injury, hanging out with my horse, and being in the mundane world.

Although I did the work with my teacher plants and in my journal I failed to go to the cyber school and share my experiences, which is a huge part of the shamanic path I am on.

I knew that my studies needed to come first and that everything would magically fall into place, but kept making excuses and putting it off until I no longer had access to the cyber school.

A humbling lesson for me in discipline.

Apt then that I step deeper into the mystery and repeat the second year of the Certificate in Shamanic Studies with Marsh Ribbonwood and it’s teaching around discipline and true obedience.

True obedience isnt about doing what we are told by others, it is about honouring our direct link to spirit, living a spirit driven life and embracing our true purpose in the world regardless of what anyone else has to say about it.

Here is Dr Pere talking about how we are one.


Here’s me talking about my shamanic path.