My sun is in Cancer with Aries rising and my moon’s in Capricorn.

Water.  Fire.   Earth.

Horses are another passion of mine.

My childhood dreams have come true with the horses that have come into my life.


cruise and i trotting woman's day behind the scenes

Me riding Cruise from Anna Low Horse Productions. Photo by Georgia McGill-Bannan. Behind the scenes Woman’s Day shoot.


Learning to ride and train them with compromised hands has been empowering and therapeutic.

It’s teaches me a great deal about myself and the world.

It’s even helped to improve my dexterity.

Music’s saved my life more times than I can count.

My preferences are rock, jazz, metal and hip-hop.

There’s usually something playing in the corridors of my mind.

Some of my favourite bands are Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Tool, Fleetwood Mac and The Cure.

Dancing around my house, or anyone’s house, or anywhere, makes me happy.

I love being in nature and I read and journal most days.