I hold a Diploma of Naturopathy from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies, a Certificate in Healers Studies from Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies, and a Certificate in Travel Studies from Auckland Institute of Technology – Now Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

I’m currently enrolled in the Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Studies at Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies and am working towards my Diploma in New Zealand Native Flower Essence Therapy with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand.

My early childhood was hippy style at the beaches north of Auckland, New Zealand.  It was all parties and dancing and freedom.

I had an affinity for nature, animals, and the ocean.Whangaparaoa Primary 1981

As an only child, I spent a lot of time by myself writing stories, reading, daydreaming, caring for animals, and communing with the nature spirits around me.

I loved learning and school was a welcome distraction from home, which although loving, by the time I was seven, was sometimes scary and volatile.

I was a peacekeeper, people pleaser, and empath always trying to keep the balance.

With my mother’s dabbling in the occult, and my nanna’s penchant for herbal teas to treat ailments, from a young age I deeply resonated with astrology, numerology, and herbal medicine.

Just before I turned twelve we moved from Whangaparaoa to Titirangi and I became the Westie I was born to be.

I went to mufti school Green Bay High and my electives were economics, drama, and psychology.

I went to my first naturopath as a teen and it struck a chord with me.

However, I thought to be successful I had to go into the corporate world.  So I did.

I worked various jobs in travel & tourism, customer service, sales and marketing, freight, shipping, and logistics.

Right up until I lost my job for having too many black eyes and badly explained injuries.

Despite lots of red flags, twenty years ago, when I was 22, I entered a relationship with a funny, caring, charming, persuasive, jealous, possessive, unbalanced, violent, abusive, psychologically manipulative, pathologically unfaithful, dishonest man.

He’d been abused as a child and I thought I could help him.

I hung on thinking that my love, compassion, and understanding could/would change him and that the beautiful man I’d known at times and I had fallen in love with was in there somewhere.

By my mid-twenties, the relationship was full of abuse and violence. I lived in fear and felt completely trapped.

In 2003, when I was 27, he attacked my friend and me in my dining room with a samurai sword.

High on methamphetamine, he was trying to chop our heads off.

I woke up a few days later in hospital with my hands, which had been severed in the attack, reattached.

Hand reattachedArm

The surgeons worked so diligently putting me back together I felt it was my duty to get my hands working as best as I could.

They told me my only job for the next two years was healing my hands.

A natural born healer, I found out I was amazing at it.

For the first year I concentrated on healing my body the best I could.

About a year into the process I was ready to tackle healing my mind, soul, and spirit.

I moved away from modern psychological counselling as I knew there must have been something else. Another way.

I found it with shamanic healing and soul retrieval.

About the same time I was beginning to be able to hold a pen properly, so for catharsis, I journaled my journey as I delved into my spiritual healing. These journals are the basis for my memoir Double-edged Sword The Simonne Butler Story.

In 2006 I discovered First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand and my life has never been the same since.

I will never be the same. I am forever grateful for their healing songs.

Vibrational Medicine is the way of the future.  Mark my words.

Learning how to heal my spirit took me on the journey of a lifetime.

I took an objective look at who I was, where I was, how I got there and where I’d come from.

I owned where I wanted to go.

No more living in denial.

No more hiding from the pain, shame, embarrassment, and humiliation.

I learned to love and accept my true and divine self and stopped being afraid to shine my light.

A profound turning point and what opened me up to my calling came in 2011 when I undertook the Rite of the Six Moons at Medicine Woman Centre for Shamaninc and Esoteric Studies.

I learned to trust my intuition again and own my psychic gifts.

I started to slowly let my voice be heard.

I found it was empowering to speak out.

To be me.

Powerful healer shaman medicine woman writer lover clairvoyant way shower me.

As part of my healing journey I began presenting my medical case with my hand therapist to the final year specialist hand therapists and Middlemore Hospital and A.U.T.

2014 – 2016 I lent my voice to New Zealand Women’s Refuge as a Survivor Spokesperson for media.

I gave my first public talk about domestic violence on the steps of parliament in 2014.  I was all over the place, but I knew it was an important step, both for my personal healing and for my future direction.

I was invited to speak with women’s groups and family violence prevention agencies and I realised that using my voice to spread awareness is part of my calling just as much as writing and healing.

A selfie with my set up before my Henderson Library talk last year.

By sharing my experiences I want to expose what goes on behind closed doors to those who can’t imagine it. I want to show that relationship abuse can happen to anyone. I want to inspire people to get out before their abuser kills them.  I want to help people understand how bad it can get, but also show that we can heal from anything, no matter how horrifying, painful or soul destroying.

Now I’m here, dedicated to making a positive difference by sharing everything I have to share.

Standing for the sacred and standing for a better world.

Much Love

Simonne xxx