I love anything paranormal and witchy so when the opportunity came up to review Bewitching Desires – A Savannah Coven Anthology I jumped at the chance.

To make things even more exciting, I downloaded the kindle for android free app to my phone and the book was sent directly to me.

Yay. I love you little magic book bringer. My life shall never be the same again.

The review’s been on the back burner for months while we sorted my WIP.

Which meant I had to go back and reread it, yay!

I loved it just as much the second time around!

I’ve been a bit nervous having not written a book review since high school. (20 something years ago)

I wanted to do the authors justice, which ended up meaning I procrastinated.

Luckily some of my tweeps pointed me in the right direction and I checked out some book reviews to make sure I was on track.

I attended a 10 Minute Novelist facebook chat on book reviewing with people in the know as well. That inspired me no end and gave me the confidence I needed to finish it.

But I digress.

So here it is.

My review of the Anthology.

One of the reasons I love this anthology so much.

It’s so romantic!

Okay, I possibly am a little starved of romance at the moment so I ate it all up.

Romancing yourself only takes you so far I’ve found.

It’s set in Savannah, most of the time, and is about various witches who belong to the Savannah Coven.

They have a coven meeting on Samhain and the book shows us a peek into each of their lives and the trials and tribulations they all face in the build up to the meeting and shortly after.

It’s cleverly done and I love how all twelve of the stories cross over and have familiar aspects like the B & B Stay A Spell – love that name, and Reap What You Sow.

I also liked how you get a snapshot of everyone’s personalities and the issues with other witches I had just read about.

I’m a sucker for the happily ever after perfectly matched couple that kicks arse and work as a team to get shit done, and a few of the stories feel like that. (You can read about how that fantasy blew up in my face in mine and Andra’s book soon.)

There’s still an air of mystery too like there is so much still to come and it left me wanting more.

All’s fair in love and Warlocks by Tami Lund

Love the title!

Love the kick arse head witch Adanna who mixes grace with authority.

I enjoyed being with her on her journey as she learns to trust herself, figures out what she wants, uses all of her gifts and takes the power back.

I got quite emotionally involved in her budding relationship and had a few choice words for her love interest.

I also like seeing when the guy fell in love and “changed his spots.”

The sex scenes are steamy as too. Yay!

Can’t wait to see where Adanna and Anton take this.

The Heart of a Hunter by Andra Shine.

Ashley Evergreen is a smart and sassy independent witch with a helpful nature.

She lives with her mischievous ancient and magical aunts on Mockingbird Lane.

They are so naughty and I love them.

Immediately it conjured up The Munsters house and neighbourhood in my mind.

When the tension got high in Ashley’s bedroom I was holding my breath.

I felt like I was right there with her during her escapades.

Oh my gosh….what happens next? Tell me. Write it now.

Promised Magic by Sherri Williams.

This one starts with an “enthusiastic fucking” sex and power stealing dream.

Yeah baby! I was all in right from the start.

I like my romances a little raunchy so I read the whole thing with a massive grin on my face.

It centres on Brior, an orphan from 16 who got his magic at 18, and now 22, still doesn’t quite know the extent of his powers, or if he even has any besides being calmed by the earth.

I love the way the couple communicates with each other. So tender and honest and open.

Then the magical lovemaking scene arises and they discover they are compatible in more than just magic. Woohoo! Yes, I re-read that scene a few times.

I love the earth magic descriptions. I want a moss bed of my own in my garden.

I could picture it perfectly.

So romantic!

But I need to know what happens to them now.

I must have more!

I must.

A Stolen Spell by A E Snow.

Libraries, books, magic spells and history are some of my favourite things, so I instantly bonded with Isadora, the librarian, and witch tasked with safeguarding “the secret histories of the witches Savannah and elsewhere”.

Also, I love secret stairways and magical vaults so I was hooked.

She has a crush on a Dr she’s been emailing for work and is a bit distracted when he comes to town.

I love how I can visualise the scenes and the characters with every word.

This is definitely a story I need more of.

I received an ARC in exchange for a true and honest review.

I should also tell you that one of the stories is by my cowriter on Double-edged Sword, Andra Jenkin. Her pen name for fiction is Andra Shine.

That hasn’t clouded my judgement, though.

It only reinforced how much of a good decision I made bringing her on board.

Now to figure out how to put my review on amazon!