Hello lovelies!

I’m excited to finally be able to share the book cover for Double-Edged Sword with you!

As this is a draft there may be subtle changes when we go to print, but this is pretty much it!



It’s like a real book!  It’s exciting and scary all at once.

Good thing I am a fearless warrior woman!

I had some amazing concepts to chose from and had a hard time choosing between my top two, but this one really spoke to me.

I love how clean it is.  How it pops.

It was a hard choice for me not to put my name on the cover as the author, but ultimately, after I wrestled with my ego, a lot, I know this works best.

Otherwise, it would have been too much SIMONNE BUTLER!

I’m inside and on the spine.  That’s more than enough!

So grateful to my talented, award-winning cover designer Anna Egan-Reid.  She nailed it! I love it so much!

Big thanks to Calypso Paoli my photographer too. I love how she captured me.

Cover shoot photos

Cover shoot photos

Hair and make-up by Levonne Scott. Cheers Levonne! You rock!

Levonne doing my make-up.

Levonne doing my make-up.

(Sorry, about the sideways pic. I rotated it in my photos folder, but it didn’t translate.)

Thanks to Louise Nicholas for her supportive words on the cover and inside. I cried the first time I read what she had to say.

Without Mary Egan Publishing’s belief and support in me and this project, this never would have come to pass.

I was stuck and didn’t know how to proceed back in 2013, and then Sophia, Mary, and Anna appeared in my life with guidance, strength, and integrity.

They are the most extraordinary self-publishing company who go above and beyond for their authors.

I highly recommend them for any writer that wants to self-publish their book to the highest caliber possible.

Another person without whom I could never have finished Double-Edged Sword is my magnificent co-writer Andra Jenkin.

She took the words from my journals and painstakingly crafted them into a harrowing, exciting and emotional narrative,

working at my side night after night for over a year and a half to get it right.

Her expertise in storytelling enhanced our book no end and I’m so proud to have her on the cover.

We are crazy close to going to print now!

Everything’s edited, proofread and set.

Pictures are chosen, layout is done…..I’m just trying to sort copyright permission for a few photos of me from the media, and that’s everything!

Unfortunately it seems I’ve been leaving messages for the wrong people for the last fortnight.

Hopefully we can sort this.  I really want to include the pictures I so graciously allowed the media to take of me in surgery.

It’s been hectic and wonderful getting everything ready and I’m feeling blessed so many people are working their arses off to make this happen.

Also! I have a publicist (feeling very Hollywood right now) to help me navigate the media, which I desperately need help with, so yay!  We have our first meeting this week to get the ball rolling on interviews and the like.

So really, as soon as these copyright issues are tied up we’re going to print.

Thank you all so much for your patience!

I’ve been in tears for a few weeks now with the overwhelmingness of it all, and also because I can feel the pain of women still living with fear and abuse all around the world.

This is a cautionary tale.  By telling my story I want to encourage others to speak up and ask for help.

My biggest hope for Double-Edged Sword is it inspires others to get out while they still can, and start their own journeys of healing and moving beyond the pain, suffering and trauma inflicted on them.

Let’s go change the world!

I love you!

Simonne xxx

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