Hello, beautiful, beautiful people.

I know it’s been ages and I’m sorry I haven’t been here sooner to tell you where we’re at.

I haven’t been neglecting my blog on purpose, but I have felt massive resistance to posting.

I’ve been getting myself ready and power filled for Double-edged Sword to be birthed to the world.

Getting myself strong enough to deal with everything that comes with opening yourself up to the world in a book.

A lot has happened this year, and in the nearly last two years since our pledgeme campaign began and I’m so excited we are finally here!

And “Where is here?” you may well ask.

Well, here is…

Photos are captioned.  Everything’s edited and proofread. The typeset is bought. The internal layout is being finalised as I type.

I know! So freaking cool!

One of my heroes has written an amazing foreword which brought tears to my eyes, and this coming week I choose my cover from the four outstanding designs my award-winning cover designer has put together for me.

Cover reveal coming soon for you all too!

Oh, and it’s going off to the printers in August!  Eeeeeeekkkkk!  Finally!

As soon as I know the actual delivery date that I get to hold a copy in my hands I’ll let you know!

Heaps more’s been going on too.

An AI for Double-edged Sword went off to it’s first book-sellers conference with our distributor and was well received, and it’s going to another one this week.  It’s all getting very real!

I’m really lucky that all the way through this process I have had talented caring people who have supported and encouraged me above and beyond any level I could have imagined.

Here’s part of my publishing team. Anna and Sophia are heaven sent, from Mary Egan Publishing, and Andra, my co-writer was a gift from the universe that I gratefully received.

Anna, Sophia, Andra and me.

So when I say we, you know who I mean!

My co-writer Andra and I sat down together for 16 months and carefully crafted my journals into the story you will read, then edited it for a few more months.

At one stage we didn’t think we could get it below 400 pages, but I pulled out my inner ruthlessness and we cut it to pieces and stripped it back to it’s bare bones and got it in the 200s.

But that 200s was as a word document, so actually, it’s more like 320 pages as a book.  At least it’s not 800!

Then it went off to be professionally edited by Louise Russell, who’s is at the top of her game, and finally was assessed by Mary Egan herself and re-edited once more.

Editing seemed like a never ending process, but it’s necessary to make sure we put out the best book we can.

I had a photo shoot for the book cover last month with my dear friend and gifted photographer Calypso Paoli and hair and makeup artist Levonne Scott made me look FINE!  Yay!

Here’s a behind the scenes peek.  My other friend Anna (my other Anna) took the photo of Calypso and I in the studio and of my hands glowing in the sunlight, and was my driver for the day. Thanks Anna!

Getting glammed up by Levonne Scott for my photo shoot.

at the cover shoot

at the cover shoot

We applied for a Creative NZ arts grant in March to cover the last of the printing costs but didn’t get it.  Oh well.  Had to try.

We’re ok.

In April we applied for the Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Mind Body Spirit unpublished manuscript award, but I found out in July we didn’t make the finalists for that either.

The manuscript at that stage had only had it’s first edit, and has subsequently had many more, but I sent what I had anyway, just to see.  Here’s me at the post office sending it off.  That was the first time I printed it.

Sending it off to be judged.

It was really good to put myself out there, and even if it wasn’t their cup of tea.

I know it’s great and that it’s going to make a difference in the world and in people’s lives.

My next update won’t be so far away.

It might even be the cover reveal! So exciting!

Thank you so much for all of your patience with me.

I can’t wait to finally hold this baby in my hands and share her with the world.

Lots and lots of love and gratitude.

Simonne xxxxx