For me spiritual counselling is not about god, paganism or organised religion.

It’s about healing the spirit of a person. (Or a family, tribe, animal or place.)

Restoring their spark or inner fire.

Restoring chi.


Life force.

Whatever you want to call it.

It’s going in and removing all of the obstacles and barriers to true spiritual health, whether that be past trauma, illness, deep soul sorrow or self-sabotage.

Dealing with our spiritual selves on a metaphysical level filters down to every aspect of health and wellbeing.

When we heal the spirit we are getting to the very core of the dis-ease and dis-harmony that is spilling over into other aspects of life.

Spiritual counselling is about getting to that core and finding out what’s out of balance and alignment and rebalancing and aligning it.

It’s about clearing out stagnant energy and getting fluidity back into the life.

It’s about bringing you back to your power centre so that you can actively create and participate in your life and your health, wellbeing and growth.

It’s finding those that are lost and hurt and bringing them home safely.

Spiritual counselling, to me, is helping us to see that everything is to be learned from.

It shows us we can take those hard learned lessons. The pain. The trauma. The betrayal. The anger. The anguish and heartbreak. The grief, the loss, the stress that we’ve lived through and draw power and inner strength from the fact that it didn’t kill us.

We are still here and still striving so let’s honour ourselves for that. Celebrate ourselves for that.

Spiritual counselling helps you to find the true spirit inside you and connect in with it so you can honour it.

Cherish it.

Nurture it.

Rediscover the joy of who you are.

Flourish in your life.

Live your dreams and create your reality responsibly.

So you can connect in with the divine source of all life from which you are part of and have always been part of. It is helping you connect in with your divine self.

We are stardust after all. Eternal spirits here for a brief ride.

When the spirit is healed everything else falls into place.

It is spirit sickness that manifests as physical dis-ease and dis-harmony.

Heal the spirit and the body, the mind and the emotions will follow.

For me spiritual healing cannot be separated from nature.

Plant intelligence in the form of  First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand is the best way I’ve found to support myself and others through the fire of transformation that comes with healing the spirit and becoming whole.