Take responsibility for the healing journey you must go on.  Own it.

Commit to the process.

Stop blaming others and concentrate your energies on getting over stuff and moving on with your life.

Work with a therapist/healer/counsellor/guide/doctor you trust and feel supported and safe with, for as long as it takes.

Give yourself permission to move on.

Stop beating yourself up over past mistakes, failures and decisions.

Be gentle and kind with yourself.

Forgive yourself for EVERYTHING you’ve ever done.  Ever said. Ever thought. For what you didn’t do.  Didn’t say.  Forgive all of it.  ALL OF IT.

Forgive others.  Yes, even the fuckwits.  They don’t need to know.  This is for you.  It’s not excusing them.  It’s getting rid of negative energies that are keeping you stuck and hindering your growth.

Get in touch with your true feelings.  Let yourself feel the pain instead of denying or hiding it deep down.  Only when we face it can we move on from it.

Take a step back.  Learn to look at yourself and your situation objectively.

Grieve for what you are getting over, and then let go in your heart and say goodbye.

Be open to personal growth and a new way of being.

Give yourself permission to feel joy again.

Raise your vibration.

Work with New Zealand Native Flower Essences to transform, clear, balance, re-pattern, grow, get over stuff, and move on.  They have helped me beyond measure.  They are the most powerful tool for healing and transformation I have come across on my own healing journey.

Check them out here for more details.  www.nzfloweressences.co.nz

The photo is of my hands that were surgically replanted in 2003 after they were  chopped off with a samurai sword by a psycho ex boyfriend.

So yip, I know quite a bit about getting over stuff and moving on.

Photo credit: Georgia McGill-Bannan 2014