Hello darling reader,
Can you believe it’s nearly the second month of 2018 already? This year is flying by!
I meant to be here sooner.
But I think this is perfect timing after all.
Today marks fifteen years since I survived an attempt on my life and surgeons began reattaching both of my hands in a twenty-seven and a half hour marathon miracle surgery.

Happy surviviversary to me.

When I look back on all I’ve achieved in last fifteen years I can’t help but say “Wow! and Fuck yes!!”

What an incredible journey. I’m so pleased with how far I’ve come.
I’m not done yet though.
I dare say, the best is still to come.

So far 2018 has heralded massive transformation and dynamic energy shifts for me, and it’s only getting started.
I’m so excited about the next phase of this journey. I celebrate walking this path daily.
Thanks for being here with me. I love that you are.

So, here’s what you need to know. Please bear with me. It’s a long one. It’s been a while.

Recalibration Healing with Simonne is dedicated to helping you heal, nurture and educate yourself, embrace self-love and acceptance, discover your true value and worth, awaken your inner magic and power, recover from trauma, abuse, and PTSD, receive guidance and spiritual nourishment, let go of fear and anxiety, overcome all obstacles, find joy, and positively transform your life and relationships. Consultations are available in person at my Auckland and Mangawhai practices, via phone, and internet.  Contact me here to book your appointment. See below for house calls.

The Oracle Reading Friday Recalibration Readings I give once a fortnight on my facebook page have become very popular. They are reaching thousands of people at a time and getting great feedback. It’s an honour to have so many people interested in the spiritual guidance and nourishment I share.

A Note from a Client.
Simonne is one of the most bravest, courageous and inspirational women that I know. I take part in her oracle card readings and they are always 100% accurate, in her interpretation of the cards. I always seem to choose cards that resonate for what I am going through at the time. Her wisdom and knowledge shines through in her readings. I have also had one to one guidance readings and she has helped to guide me with hidden and past emotions that I´ve been able to work on and let go. Within a short amount of time I went from calling an abusive ex-boyfriend from f*ckface to being able to say his name out loud and getting rid of suppressed feelings of pain and memories of that time. I was able to do this with Simonne´s help and guidance as I felt strong enough to be able to release those feelings and she provided methods to help me doing this. Her passion in her work comes through each time. She is strong and a fighter. Thank you Simonne Butler for being the most beautiful YOU. And thank you for helping us all. xx Katey Thurlow. Barcelona. Spain.

House Calls.
It’s long been my dream to offer in-home healing sessions and I’m excited to announce I am now available for house calls to approved clients in the Auckland and Mangawhai areas.
In-home consults are $200.00 per hour plus .77c per kilometre from Waitakere in Auckland and Brown Rd in Mangawhai. Each consult comes with your personalised flower essence remedy. Great for people who find it difficult to travel or are housebound due to illness, injury, or trauma. Enquire here how you can work with me in your home.

Pamper Parties and Special Events.
What better way to treat yourself and your guests than having oracle readings or getting personalised flower essence remedies made for you? You choose whether you want readings, if you’d like your reading made up as a flower essence, or if you’d like an essence to address specific areas of your life. Perfect for pamper parties, bridal showers, hens nights, baby showers, birthday celebrations, and special occasions. Contact me here to discuss your needs.

Public Speaking Engagements
I had specialist hand therapy to try and get my hands working after they were replanted. Because my operation had never been performed before there was no guide for what to do, so my hand therapist Edel came up with some out of the box kiwi ingenuity for my rehab. We worked together for years on my rehabilitation and developed a close bond. As part of my healing process, and supported by Edel, once a year I gave talks about my surgical and hand therapy experiences to her final year specialist hand-therapy physiotherapy students at Middlemore Hospital and AUT. It was good for them to hear directly from a patient with such complicated injuries and rehab, and it was good for me to get my confidence up, get out into the world, and not be afraid of crowds. In 2014 I had the opportunity to talk on the steps of parliament as a domestic violence survivor spokesperson for the New Zealand Women’s Refuge after we marched to Change New Zealand Shame. I fucked up here and there, but for the most part it went well. My knees were shaking but I felt empowered. Then, a friend asked me to give an inspirational talk about overcoming adversity at her 40th. Suddenly women’s groups and family violence prevention trusts started asking me if I’d stand up and share my story for survivors of DV, or for workers in health and social services on the front lines of dealing with family violence. I had people coming up to me thanking me and telling me I had given them a whole new understanding of intimate partner and family violence, and that listening to me had changed the way they would do their job forever. That it was the best talk they’d ever been to in their whole career. People telling me I’d given them hope for a better future, and that I had made a positive difference in their lives just from standing up and talking. Women in tears telling me that they thought they were all alone and no one understood until I shared my story. This is why I’ll never stay silent again. I came to realise not only am I good at it, speaking my truth and spreading awareness for a better world is part of my calling and that this work is important, and is exactly what we need right now.

A selfie with my set up before my Henderson Library talk last year.

Throw in a few successful library talks about my book, and viola….I’m a public speaker ready to go hard.

I am happy to report you can now hire me for inspirational and educational talks.

Whether in the corporate sector, health and social services, education, community or private groups, libraries, government departments, or for private special occasions, I will tailor my talk to your needs and audience. Get in touch with me here to discuss your speaker needs.

Topics I’m passionate about are holistic wellness & natural health, domestic & sexual violence awareness and prevention, healing from abuse, loss, and trauma, self-empowerment and personal development, the importance of self-care in our busy world and….
Changing your mindset. How changing your attitude can change your life.
The importance of valuing yourself.
Turning pain into power. Overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.
How shamanic healing can benefit you and your family.
How flower essence therapy can benefit you and your family.
How unresolved trauma from our past impacts our present and future, and how to get it sorted.
How to tap into the power inside us.
Managing our sensitivity as an empath.
Moving on and letting go.
Writing for catharsis. The power of journaling.
My self-publishing and crowdfunding experiences with Double-edged Sword The Simonne Butler Story.
Healthy relationships vs unhealthy relationships. Consent.
Losing yourself in relationships.
Taking your power back.
The secret dynamics of abusive relationships.
Signs of abuse to look out for.
Early warning signs a relationship will become violent, or escalate to homicidal.
Being stalked and identifying predators.
How to help when you suspect someone you care about is being abused.
How psychological violence impacts us. Abuse isn’t always physical, but it can be just as traumatic.

Disclaimer: I’m straight up, raw and graphic, totally un P.C., I think I’m hilarious, and I swear like a sailor. Good thing people love that shit. Also, there’s a time and a place for everything. I think a few of my talks only had one fuck in them.

Ngaio Marsh Award
Last year Double-edged Sword The Simonne Butler Story was shortlisted for the prestigious crime writing Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Non Fiction. It was an honour to be nominated with such wonderful writers and to have mine and Andra’s work acknowledged. Big thanks to the Ngaio Marsh Awards for recognising Double-edged Sword as a literary contender.

Book and Essence Combos.
You can now get a copy of Double-edged Sword with my signature Trauma Recovery and Soul Retrieval potion, or my signature Time Out Extreme Self-care Recalibration potion that I used for my own healing and empowerment. A great way to start your healing journey, or wonderful to have flower essence support as you identify issues to be healed from your own life that reading about my journey may bring up.

Book & potion combo.

A Note From A Reader
I have recently just finished reading Double Edged Sword by Simonne Butler. I urge everyone to buy this book and read it. This book is her true story of her life, her experiences and her survival of abuse, violence, and nearly death. It gives an amazing insight to living with violence and the insidious nature of an abusive and psychopathic man. Simonne writes with raw truth, honesty and pure authenticity. Her story is a tale of pure survival, strength, courage and her indomitable spirit. For anyone who is living with violence, or knows anyone living with violence, or you need to be educated on violence against woman, I urge you to buy this book!! It could save yours or another woman’s life. This book has changed my life and given me strength, hope and courage to move forward in life and my journey of healing. #buythisbook #womanagainstviolence
Lesley Royal. N.Z.

Thank you so much if you made it all the way through. I know it was long.
I appreciate you sticking it out.
There are lots of other things percolating and I’m excited to share those with you in the future when the time is right.
Until then…
May your 2018 be filled with magic, healing, and infinite possibilities.
Much love to you.
Tihei Mauri Ora.
Simonne.xxx #WomanOnAMission