Whangaparaoa Primary 1981I grew up by the sea north of Auckland, New Zealand.

I had an affinity for nature, animals and the ocean.

I spent a lot of time by myself writing stories, reading, daydreaming, playing with animals and talking with the nature spirits around me.

Or I was glued to the TV.

I loved school and learning.

It was a distraction from home.

And I was good at it.

When I payed attention.

I was often told to sit down or stop talking nonsense.

To stop daydreaming or to not make a spectacle of myself.

I was a peace keeper and was always trying to keep the balance.

Keep everyone happy around me and on an even keel.

I developed a love of astrology and numerology at a young age due to my mums dabbling in the occult.

My teen years were in Titirangi on Auckland’s west coast.

The perfect place for getting off on 57 Chevys and screaming guitars.

After school finished I thought to be successful I had to be in the corporate world.

That had to wear a suit.

So I did.

Right up until I lost my job for having too many black eyes and injuries.

Despite red flags, in my early twenties I started a relationship with a funny, charming and persuasive, violent, jealous, possessive, unbalanced, pathologically unfaithful and dishonest man.

I hung on thinking that my love and compassion could/would change him and that the beautiful man I’d known at times and I had fallen in love with was in there somewhere.

I’ve always had a smart mouth.

I’ve been told I would have saved myself hidings if I had of just shut up.

By my mid-twenties the relationship was full of abuse and I felt completely trapped.

When I was 27 he attacked my friend and I with a samurai sword while he was high on meth.

He was trying to chop our heads off.

I woke up a few days later in hospital with my hands, which had been severed in the attack, reattached.

Hand reattachedArmSaving The Hand

The above article wrote the wrong name with my injuries.

The surgeons had worked so diligently putting me back together I felt it was my duty to get my hands working as best as I could.

My only job for the next two years was healing my hands.

So I did.

I found out I was amazing at it.

A natural born healer.

I concentrated on healing my body the best I could and about a year into it I was ready to deal with my spirit and my mind.

I moved away from the psychological counselling very early as I knew there was something else, something better.

Another way.

I found it with shamanic healing.

I found it with The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa.

Healing the spirit is a deeper level of healing.

One that gets right to the core.

It is far harder because you have to take an objective look at who you are, where you are, how you got there and where you’ve come from.

No more living in denial.

No more hiding from all the pain and humiliation.

On my journey I found my purpose in life.

I fell in love with my true and divine self and learned to stop being afraid to shine my light.

I learned to trust my intuition and my psychic gifts.

Now I’m here.

Sharing everything I have to share.