Over the last few weeks we have lost music legends and the world has been in mourning.
I felt a deep sadness at their passing, but also a beautiful gratitude for all they put into the world and I felt honoured to have been able to share in their gifts.

I am grateful to be able to continue to honour them by playing and enjoying their music.

David Bowie has always been a favourite of mine.

I have been listening to his music my whole life, as I have The Eagles.

Even though I never met him I have always felt a certain kinship to David Bowie.  He spoke to me and I responded viscerally to his messages.

I love how he was so unique and unashamedly himself.

He paved the way for so many of us to let our freak flag fly.  To embrace our individuality and show it to the world.

Mum had all of his records, and like many artists, his music saved my sanity more than once.

I had The Glass Spider tour on video and played it constantly as a tween and teen dancing around my lounge, trying to do the stunt/dance on skis.

Without having actual skis, I would try to anchor my feet under the couch or table, rather unsuccessfully!

I love all of his songs, but here are my top ten…..It’s turned into a top 21…sorry, they are all so good!

#1 Cat People.

# 2 Golden Years.


# 3 Rebel Rebel

# 4 Absolute Beginners


# 5 The Jean Genie

# 6 Life on Mars


# 7 Young Americans

# 8 Fame

# 9 Heroes


# 10 China Girl

# 11 Modern Love

# 12 Changes

# 13 Let’s Dance

# 14 Space Oddity

# 15 Ashes to Ashes

# 16 Ziggy Stardust

# 17 Sound and Vision

# 18 Underground

# 19 Fashion


# 20 Under Pressure


# 21 Starman

and here is a documentary about his career and impact on the world.  I for one will be a fan for life.