As a kid the TV was my best friend and my baby sitter.

The times I was banned from it seemed like the cruelest punishment ever.

Thank goodness reading was never banned!

Just like when I was a kid, sometimes I need a fantasy world to escape to.

I haven’t owned a TV set for ten years, but with the internet that doesn’t even matter.

I play games with myself and hold binge watching sessions as the prize.

Or I do a few hours of writing, a few episodes of a show, a few more hours of writing, a few more episodes and so on.

I do tend to miss parts because I’m not good at sitting still and watching for long periods.

Once a show is on it’s like it’s my cue to get up and clean something or fold washing or reorganise piles of crap.

Or I get inspired and have to pause it for two hours while I write.

Sometimes it can take me a whole day to get through one 45 min episode.

But I persevere.  I’m good like that.

This whole business of turning my journals into the book you will read is a lot harder than I thought.

I’m so grateful I have help.  Which comes in many forms.

I didn’t realise there would be so many opportunities for healing with the stuff it is bringing up.

I didn’t think it would bring anything up.

I thought I’d sorted all that out.

For the most part I have, but sometimes it brings up shame or pain that needs to be dealt with then and there.

To balance all the fullonness that comes with getting A Double Edged Sword ready to go for it’s professional edit I like to escape in the small screen.

Speaking of editors, I know the one I want!

So now it’s a matter of seeing if this magnificent editor wants to work with me, and if so working out our schedules.

Fingers crossed!

I’ll keep you posted!

Ok, so in no particular order the programs that have got me to here this year are:



I devoured both seasons in March while writing the Scenes of Violence, I was so Ashamed blog.

I completely fell in love with Freya, Killian and Aunt Wendy.

They were just what I needed when it was time to take a pause from the heavy writing.

(And because I’m a Days of Our Lives fan it was great to see Eric Winter in it too.)

Funny how I hold a soft spot for my soap actors!

I had a desperate moment when I found out there were no more episodes.  Noooooooooooo!


Back to my soap actor thing – I still remember the happy zing I got first time I saw my beloved Eric Brady morphed into Dean Winchester. *Sigh



Oh my gosh Elena! I love kick ass chicks! Especially kick ass wolf chicks!

It was one of the shows I stumbled across and then had to watch every week.

Because of the time difference in New Zealand it’s a day later.

Does that mean I was actually watching it in the future?




The men. The horses. The costumes. The chivalry.


The men!

The costumes!

Did I mention the horses?




My favourite show that I’ve discovered this year!

Again, I stumbled upon it by accident.

I was looking for Saving Hope, some supernatural medical drama I’d read about, but couldn’t remember the name of it at the time.  I still haven’t watched it.

The name Haven had the feel of what I thought I was looking for, then Duke Crocker appeared and I was completely obsessed.

I watched all five seasons in just over a week.

I was writing some of my experiences of relationship rape for the book and my blog that week so Haven was my Haven.

You can read that blog here.

What I found so awesome about Haven is that Audrey and I have similar jobs.

We both help people sort out their troubles so they don’t explode or ruin themselves or others around them.

Oh, and I stalked Eric Balfour, aka Duke Crocker, on twitter and it happened to be his birthday so I tweeted him and he favourited it.

Eeeeek fangirl moment!

Here’s a Duke scene for you.


I was totally obsessed with Eric Balfour for like a month after that and watched heaps of his work.  I really enjoyed Conviction.



I need more!

Where did you go?

Come back!



Oh fuck yes!

I love the way they have mixed so many stories up.

The writing is fantastic.

Love the cast.

Love the costumes.

Love the sound of Josh Hartnett’s voice.

I used to call my left hand my Frankenstein hand because it had been sewn back on, and it looks slightly sideways, just a fraction.

I always meant it with affection though.

Not scariness.



The frocks! The hair! The cloaks! The horses! It took my girlfriend and I six months to get through it.

We’re busy women and we had to co-ordinate our mini binges to when her husband was out.

He’s not a Reign fan.



I loved it.

It’s possibly one of the most honest and brilliant shows I’ve ever seen.

They captured so many moments perfectly.

The good and the bad.

The golf club incident was hard to take.

It reminded me of how my life was once.

That stunned expression that takes over you as you get smashed in the head out of nowhere.

I knew it well.

Everything fine one minute and the next…crack!

Whoever set that scene knows about the evils of life and humanity.

I watched Tofu and Banana too.

Loved them all.

Here’s the first episode.



I’m not into country music so this was a surprise.

I love all the characters and pretty much cry at least once every episode, and I love shows that get me all teary!



I watched this on the recommendation of Anne Rice.

From her facebook page, not personally.

I totally loved it!

Again, perfectly cast and well written.

That was my escape the week I got my advice column set up and wrote a blog about it.

You can read the blog about Ask Simonne here.

I’m so excited for season two!

I feel ridiculously invested in these characters.

Especially Walter and Paige.

Such a hopeless romantic!



…and the whole time  some of the time I’ve been writing this blog The Red Road has been playing in the background.

Yay for Kiwi boys!

As for Jason Momoa, when I first saw him in North Shore all I wanted to do was have his babies (I’m over that thank god, no baby making happening here) and as I was watching I was thinking about how Lisa Bonet bet me to it, and then she appeared on screen.

Serendipity at work!


Blogging takes me ages.

All six episodes are done and dusted and I still haven’t published it!

But I have cooked dinner and taken the dog for a wee.

I just sussed out how to work Netflix this past week where I’m pet sitting.

It’s quite hard work picking stuff and some times after 20 minutes I just give up.

But I like to know its there.

I’m going to watch The Last Unicorn before I go home. And Fantasia too.

Just not today.

What are your favourite shows?

Do you get as attached to the characters as I do?