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January 2018 Newsletter. Bringing In The New.

Hello darling reader, Can you believe it’s nearly the second month of 2018 already? This year is flying by! I meant to be here sooner. But I think this is perfect timing after all. Today marks fifteen years since I survived an attempt on my life and surgeons began...

Healing from Violence and Asking for Help Podcast.

Towards the end of last year I made my first ever podcast with Chris from Uncomfortable is OK about the experiences in my new book Double-edged Sword. We talked about abusive relationships, the need for distance to get perspective, and asking for help. We also talked...

Oracle Reading Friday at Recalibration Healing with Simonne

The biggest surprise to me about my healing practice has been the amount of interest in my oracle readings. So much so that I now have a day dedicated almost exclusively to doing oracle readings for my clients. Hence Oracle Reading Friday was born. Yay...

Book cover reveal for Double-Edged Sword

Hello lovelies! I'm excited to finally be able to share the book cover for Double-Edged Sword with you! As this is a draft there may be subtle changes when we go to print, but this is pretty much it! Eeeeeeeek! It's like a real book!  It's exciting and scary all at...

Nau mai. Welcome.

My mission in life, whether speaking, healing, or writing, is to assist others on their journeys and make the world a better place.

I teach people to heal, clear trauma & deepest hidden pain, embrace self-worth, achieve inner peace & personal strength, and powerfully transform their attitudes and lives. By spreading awareness about healing, consent, abuse, and intimate partner violence I effect change with a view to preventing domestic violence in our homes and communities.

Work with me at my holistic therapy and shamanic healing clinic Recalibration Healing with Simonne, hire me to speak and inspire at your event, and read my award-nominated memoir, Double-edged Sword The Simonne Butler Story about surviving an abusive relationship, including a samurai sword attack that nearly killed me, and how I healed my mind, body, soul, and spirit and reclaimed my power.

Much love

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