Sex, drugs and extreme violence.

Why Simonne Butler’s experience is a truly uplifting story.

The first thing you notice is the scars. They zigzag across Simonne’s arms – a reminder of the day in 2003 when Antoine Dixon attacked her with a samurai sword and tried to cut off her head and hands.

The second thing you notice is Simonne’s infectious smile and sparkling eyes.

Simonne survived Dixon’s P-fuelled attack, and even emerged from surgery with her severed hands successfully re-attached. Many years of painful recovery followed. The physical healing was arduous, but the wounds to her spirit were even harder to repair.

Now, 11 years after the attack that almost claimed her life, Simonne is ready to share her story.

“My surgeon told me at the beginning that my only job for the next two years was healing my hands. So I did. I found out I was amazing at it – a natural born healer. So I concentrated on healing my body the best I could and about a year into it I was ready to deal with my spirit. That was the part of me that really needed the work and it took way longer.”

Simonne wants people to know that it’s possible to escape from a dark place and create an amazing new reality.

“If one woman decides to get out of an abusive relationship after reading my book, I’ve done my job.”

A horrific experience inspires a unique book.

Simonne is determined to tell the whole truth, warts and all. “It couldn’t just be the healing story,” she says. “I had to tell the story of how I got into such a crazy place, and everything that led up to it.”

The detailed diary Simonne has kept for over 15 years will be the foundation of her new book. She’s working hard on the project, which will require around $70,000 in order to become a published reality. To make it happen she’s raising funds via PledgeMe.

Simonne knows many New Zealanders will remember her as the woman who had her hands hacked off with a samurai sword. After her book is published, she hopes she’ll be famous for a much more positive reason.


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