My Recalibration Healing Clinic is now open for business!


Recalibration Healing is operating out of Kumeu Osteopathy, 20A Access Road, Kumeu. All consultations are by appointment only. Call or text me for an appointment on 021 1284343. You can also book online at

Or send me a private message here

It feels very auspicious that I am announcing the opening of my new healing clinic on this date. Today is my 12 year surviviversary. 12 years ago today I beat the odds and survived a brutal attack. Somehow I knew my time wasn’t up and I still had work to do here on earth. I fought very long and hard to heal myself and transform all of that pain and suffering into strength, power, and wisdom. Along the way I have acquired a wealth of healing knowledge which I am very excited to be sharing with you. Now you can work with me to co-create your personalised holistic Healing Pathways to Wholeness program. You can recalibrate to your own perfect pattern for healing and growth, and restore optimum wellness, personal strength, order, and balance to your life. I will teach you how to live a fulfilling and harmonious life free from pain, fear, excessive stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and negative self-talk. I can’t wait to work with you. For more information please go to my website

Book stuff.

My ghost writer Andra and I are working very hard to get Recalibrate out as soon as humanly possible. She is fantastic and is currently wading through over one thousand pages of my musings and putting it all together so you will have a fabulous and inspiring book to read. I’m so grateful for her help and expertise. When we are satisfied we’ve done our best it will go off for its professional edit, then we’ll have a few layout and design decisions to make…and then, we print baby! So exciting!