The Armed Offenders Squad currently have an exhibition at the National Police Museum in Wellington. Part of the exhibition is the Samurai Sword that was used to try to cut my head off and that did hack through my arms and my hands. I have numerous sword indentations on the bones of my skull that you can feel as well as the more obvious scars and wounds on my arms, hands and neck.  The jar pictured is a bomb of some sort and nothing to do with my case.
Pictures courtesy of “New Zealand Police Museum Collection 2010/79/1” .

Sword 2



PS (1st June 2015)

Here is an interview I did on a morning television show three years ago if you want to know more. Good Morning Interview Feb 2012

I’m looking for my editor right now that will polish A Double Edged Sword – The Simonne Butler Story to perfection, then we print!

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This year I opened Recalibration Healing with Simonne, my shamanic healing and natural therapy practice, and as soon as I manifest the money and find the perfect property my healing sanctuary will be up and running too.