Whangaparaoa Primary 1981_rsMe at 5.

Music has been one of my happy places for as long as can remember.

Some of my earliest and happiest memories are of music and dancing and sunny days.

These are the records that I loved the second I heard them and couldn’t get enough of for the first six or seven years of my life.   I still love them all to this day, over three decades later.

Mum had belonged to a monthly record club since she came out from England when she was a girl and her hundreds of precious records were like gold to me.

There are more albums from each artist here that I love dearly, but these were the first in a very long line.

1) Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy.  This record cover also came to tea parties at my place if I promised to be extra careful.   I couldn’t find a full album on youtube that sounded right so here is track four, The Grunge, in an album playlist.


2)Led Zeppelin The Song Remains the Same.  I ruined this album for mum for years with my constant thrashing till I left home, but she is back to loving it again.


3) Led Zeppelin II.  Here’s track 7. Ramble On. It’s saved my life thousands of times.  The whole album has.


4) Led Zeppelin IV.  Track 7, Going to California.  I’m listening to this album in my car at the moment and this track’s my current fave.


5) Led Zeppelin In through the Out Door. Something I do often, not necessarily on purpose.  I pull doors that say push too.  This is track 3, Fool in the Rain. This was one of my happy songs that I would sing everywhere.

6) Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti.  This is track 3.  In My Time Of Dying.


7) The Doors Morrison Hotel.  Jim Morrison was the first man I fell in love with.  That voice!


8) The Doors Waiting for the Sun.

I love it when artists have the title track of an album on a different album. Led Zep and The Doors both did it. I thought they were so clever.


9) AC/DC Dirty Deeds.  I thought the guy speaking on it was my Uncle Martin.  It sounded like him. He was always singing and playing the guitar.  It made sense to me at the time.

10) Black Sabbath Paranoid.  When I was little the first thing I wanted to do when I got to mum’s sister or friends house was dig through their records and put something on we didn’t have.  That’s how I decided who was the coolest out of mum’s friends.   I instantly loved anyone who’d let me listen to Black Sabbath. Or the Doors.  We had neither until I was older.  I  thought I was related to Geezer Butler until I was about 8.  Of course I was. Our last names were the same.  It made total sense.



11) Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon.  What can I say?  I was born in the middle of mum’s hippy trippy phase.


12) Bob Marley Natty Dread.  I still get chills every time it starts.