Print dates are being thrown around and I’m starting to panic.

I feel like I need to warn my family and friends that my book is not for nanas.

Well. Not my nanas anyway!  (I have three.)

I’ve been telling them for years it’s raw and graphic. Everything they never wanted to know.

And they have met me.

But for some reason I still feel like I need to warn them to stay away.

I have been wondering how I should put it. Thinking of a tactful way to steer them clear.

Then at a family get together this week I blurted out

“It’s full of anal sex and violence. You have been warned.”

So I’ve done my job.  Yay.  That wasn’t that hard.

They’ve been warned and can now enter at their own risk.

I’ve got another family do this weekend with the other side, so I think I’ll give them the same speech.

Maybe I’ll make a list of all the sex scenes pages and my nanas can just skip those.

And my mum.

I’ve been trying to talk her out of reading it too, but she can’t wait.


Lucky for everyone I burnt the Polaroids.