What happens in a session with me you ask?

You come sit down.  You have a glass of water.

We have a conversation.

That’s pretty much it.

You tell me why you are here, what’s going on with you and what areas you want help in.

We talk. I ask questions. I listen. You talk.

Or you don’t.  We take it as slow or as fast as you need.

Sometimes clients burst into tears for the first 20 minutes and are unable to speak.

If that happens I hold the space until you’re ready to proceed.  There’s no pressure or shame.

I have that effect on people sometimes. More often than you might think.

Especially if they have been holding their pain, fears, sorrow or grief deep inside them for a long time.

Release comes in all forms.  That letting go is a big step towards healing.

During the conversation we may cover, or uncover, some heavy and scary things from your past or present.

But nothing you don’t want to talk about. We deal with issues as they arise and at a rate you are comfortable with.

My goals are to provide you with a safe space you feel secure and empowered enough in to speak freely without fear of judgement or ridicule so we can get you on your healing path to wholeness and bring in optimum health at every level of your being.

There is nothing you can’t say to me.  I won’t be shocked or offended or think you are crazy.

I won’t judge you.

I am here to listen and to help you with what ever you need help with whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature.

We’ll talk about how you feel.  How you want to feel.

We may talk about what or who makes you angry or grumpy.

If you are anxious, afraid or worried.

We may talk about your dreams and aspirations.

What you are happiest doing.  What you love in life.  What it is that makes your heart sing.

What you want out of life.

Where you want to go in life.

What you find challenging.  What you want to change.  Where you want to improve.  What you want to get rid of.

We talk about anything you want to.


Consultation Direction

The direction the session takes depends on what we are working through.

I will introduce you to your keynote essence, or power flower as it is known, and I may get you to read a bit about it.

Your power flower represents the most positive expression of your personality and helps to transform negative traits to their positive counterparts.

There might be a flower essence or oracle card reading if it’s appropriate at some stage.

Fairy Oracle of the Patupaiarehe

Fairy Oracle of the Patupaiarehe

We may go on a journey together to find your power animal.

I may give you a page in a book to read, or get you to write something down.

Where appropriate there may be small guided meditations and visualisation quests.

Part of the session is me making a flower essence remedy for you to take away to cement in the healing work we’ve just done and keep you on your new path to healing and wholeness.

Spiritual counselling involves hard work and dedication on the part of the client and a need to take an objective look at where you are and where you have been so that we may be able to see where you are going.

I am your guide and I’ll show you the way.  I’ll give you the tools you need to get well including herbal medicine and lifestyle and nutritional changes when necessary.

The rest is up to you.

Luckily for you the flower essences do a lot of the work that is needed to help you transform, clear, balance, re-pattern and grow.

The major part of my spiritual counselling practice is working with plant intelligence in the form of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand.  This is energetic medicine of the highest order created specifically for the demands of the 21st century,  and with it we are now able to the work quicker and more efficiently than ever before when it comes to spiritual healing.


Some Reasons Clients Choose to Come.

Because they have a specific concern or illness they want to sort out or an emotional or mental issue that is weighing them down.

Because there is something impacting on their day to day life, and relationships with others that they want to eliminate or change.

Because they want to take charge of their lives and health.

Because they spend every moment caring for others and now they need to care for them selves.

Because they feel like they’ve lost part of themselves or their inner spark.

Because they want to learn how to love themselves and put themselves first.

Because they want to be more empowered in their life and relationships.

Because they want to get rid of outworn attitudes and behaviours.

Because they want to feel happiness and joy again.

Because they want help to move past trauma, pain or grief and loss.

Because they want help to cope with abuse they have experienced and move beyond the pain and shame they still feel.

Because they are seeking to get rid of fears, phobias, anxieties and/or depression.

Also mother issues.  Father issues.  Parenting issues. Family issues. Work issues.  Life issues.

Feelings of abandonment, low self-worth and emptiness.

Other’s come because they feel like they are floundering and want direction.

Often clients will come to me who have tried everything else to feel better and get well and I am their last resort.

There are hundreds of reason someone might want to come to me, but this gives you a snapshot.

Bearing in mind working with me is not a quick fix or a band aid solution.

Healing the spirit and the body takes time.

Together we’ll get you on track to the happy healthy empowered life that you deserve.

Live the life you love and be all that you can be.  It all starts with the decision to heal yourself.

While you are most welcome to have one session and never come back, often more than one session is necessary.  Especially if the issues you want to deal with are long standing or deeply rooted in your subconscious.  Everyone is different and everyone heals at different rates.

We come up with a plan for holistic healing and health that best suits you and your lifestyle and we take it from there.

I look forward to working with you soon.

If you want to find out what your power flower is that makes up part of your constitutional essence you can click this link and put in your details.  You don’t have to buy anything to get the information.

First Light Flower Essences Constitutional Essence