Every time I go to write you an update it’s turned into a whole different blog post, so here we go again.

Recalibrate update.

First of all, I’m thinking of changing the title from Recalibrate to I haven’t decided what.

There are a few contenders.  It may stay yet.  But I’m exploring my options.

For now it shall be sort of  like Prince, but instead it can be, The Art Formally Known As…..

Here’s the symbol. Recalibration


Working title is The Simonne Butler Story.

It’s currently in the rewriting the whole thing/structural editing stage.

Andra, my co writer/structural editor/girl Friday is working tirelessly making sense and cutting out the crap of 17 years worth, and nearly 2000 pages of my rambling journals.

She gives me writing assignments to fill in the blanks, flesh out stories, elaborate, rewrite scenes and so forth and keeps me on track.

It’s a system that’s working really well and she is the perfect fit for me and us.

I was ridiculously ambitious to think we would have it out to you this autumn, especially considering it’s autumn now and there is a lot of work still to be done.

But that’s me to a T.  Believing in the impossible dream.

“Stay the course and get rid of unrealistic time frames. It’ll all come together in perfect timing if you do the work.”

That’s what I said to myself when I was having a moment of panic about how you are all waiting and have invested in this with me.

I know you are all waiting patiently and I’m so grateful for that.

I was in a bit of a tail spin the other day about wanting to rush it out to you and it taking so long and feeling stink.

But then I had to remind myself, that I’ve been working on this by myself for over ten years.

It took me until Christmas to be able to hand it all over to Andra.

It was like handing over my baby.

My very raw, naked, graphic, fucked up baby.

It was time.  It had to be done.

I’d lost all objectivity.  I’d looked at it, read it and edited it so much that my brain was just spinning.

It’s had fresh eyes for under 12 weeks.  Not long in the scheme of writing it.

Now that I have someone to work with we are giving it the time it takes for this phase.

We are both working hard.  It’ll be done before we know it.


Now it’s time to put feelers out for the magnificent editor I’ll be working with once Andra and I have finished our bit.

I’ve sent my message to the universe, and so has my self-publishing team so I’ll let you know when we’ve found our perfect match!


See clients a few days a week.  Write a few days a week.  Learn from a master shaman. Be flexible enough to do whatever I need to when I need to.  Listens to spirit’s directives and follow my path.

That’s all I EVER wanted to do.  AND I’M DOING IT!  It’s amazing to me.

I already feel like the most successful author & healer in the world and like I’m making squillions of dollars…even though the book is still in development, my spiritual healing practice is in it’s infancy and I’m yet to turn a profit anywhere…but that doesn’t even matter to me.

Write, heal, take my gifts to the world. Tick!

These days my week looks like this.  Subject to change without notice of course.

Writing (and thinking about writing), shamanic apprenticeship work, reading, planning, goal setting, spiritual practice: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Blogging, marketing and social media: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday.

Seeing clients at my healing practice: Friday, Saturday and or Sunday.

Admin: Tuesday.  Not my strong point.  One day I’ll be paying people to do that.

One day. Paying an assistant too. An efficient assistant!  That’s on my wish list!

Self care. Yoga. Therapy if needed – whatever kind is necessary.  Horses, maybe: Wednesday.

Housework: Monday, Thursday.  Again, not my strong point.  I get help otherwise I couldn’t cope.

Self-care, exercise, business, publishing & writing meetings scattered throughout the week.

Somewhere in there is eating, sleeping and escaping in TV series marathons too.

So the book is coming at ya.  Soon.  Soonish…I’ll keep you posted!

Thank you all so much for your support and patience and love.

Love Simonne. xxx


Beck.  Where it’s at.