Getting this far is like a dream come true. It’s been such a long time coming. I‘m not quite there yet but every day I’m a little bit closer.

I feel so ready to take my story, my strength, and my healing gifts to the world.

However I can’t do it alone. In fact I need all the help I can get.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride!

Eeeeeekkkkk. It already feels pretty wild!

Recalibrate will be published very soon, but first I need to raise the money to make my vision a reality. I am doing this with a PledgeMe Crowdfunding campaign that we are launching on 12 August. It will run for 30 days.

There are going to be heaps of cool rewards as well when you pledge including: being named and thanked in my book in the list of contributers; signed copies of Recalibrate; dinner with the author – that’s me! Yay, we’ll have so much fun; personalised flower essence remedies made by me sent to you; Skype and in-person holistic healing sessions; beach and forest horse rides with the author (me again!) on trained film and television horses and much much more!

PS We are having a party on 12 August and you are invited! Bring your dancing shoes!

NB.  It’s now 2016.

We made the target. Woohoo. I got a co writer and an editor and we just finished the final edits and rewrites. My beautiful & talented cover designer is whipping up a masterpiece as I type this, and a law student is pulling out anything inflammatory to be perused by legal, then we go to print.

Oh, and I changed the title from Recalibrate to Double-edged Sword.  Way more snappy!  xxx