I work very closely with the lunar cycle and the energies of the cosmos.

Every New Moon I write myself a cheque from the abundant universe and set my intentions for the new lunar cycle.

I thought I’d share them with you for the Pisces New Moon and solar eclipse that happened last week.

This is one of my holistic goal setting and manifesting tools.  It allows me to focus on what is important to me over the coming month, what I need and what I want and what it’s time to shed and eliminate.


I include the energies of the cosmos for the new moon and lunar cycle.

The teacher plant I am working with for my shamanic apprenticeship and the lessons it has for me.

My intentions.

What I want to call into my life and get rid of in my life.

The tides of power flowing through each part of the lunar cycle for me.

The overall tide of power for my life during the cycle.


The Pisces New Moon at 29 degrees was at the last part of Pisces, and we had a solar eclipse just before the moon moved into Aries.   Eclipses heighten our potential for manifestation, growth, healing and shedding.

Ending and beginning.  Infinite possibilities, unlimited growth, and time to align with destiny.

Psychic awareness and spiritual nourishment.  A time to go deep into the mysteries with in us.

It’s a time of rapid manifestation where we can visualize our new reality and magically create it.

It’s a time to have faith in ourselves and align our self with or highest purpose.

With the moon and sun moving into Aries in this cycle it is a whole new beginning.

The lunar new year if you will.

Time to launch our self into action, charge ahead and get shit done while being our authentic selves.


Be present. Be successful in all I do.

Be the best spiritual healer counsellor I can be.

Run successful and profitable spiritual businesses.

Write daily.

Write EVERYTHING needed for Andra & the book.

Stay connected to divine will and divine mind.

Live a spirit driven life.

Be open to spirit’s guidance always.

Connect to my public on a deep and profound level.

Raise my vibration.

Practice extreme self-care, love & yoga.

Eat to nourish & support optimum health & wellbeing.

Allow myself to receive wealth, love & goodness.

Perseverance, discipline, hard work.

Communicate freely & clearly without fear, shame or embarrassment.

Write compelling blogs that add value to people’s lives.

Global success…World domination – in a spirit driven way.

Fit my jeans from last winter.  (omnomnomnom)

Own my power.

Be open to love, affection, playfulness, sacred intimacy, sensuality, kindness, support, generosity, romance, wealth & abundance & my true spiritual partner.

Be authentic.

Find the perfect house/s for my mother & I to move to that I can run my healing retreats from.

Express healthy emotions.

Do squats, lunges, kettle-bells, planks, skipping, walking.

Achieve self-mastery, financial wealth, simplicity, right action and clarity of mind.

At the balsamic moon towards the end of the cycle during the dark of the moon phase I reassess my intentions, goals and achievements.

I see where I need to make changes, let stuff go, figure stuff out and I get ready to do it all over again.